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About me

I've loved painting and drawing since I was a child. At school I studied Art as a GCSE and at A level, but I went on to gain a degree in BSc Geography at Exeter University. I graduated in 2018 and decided to take a gap year to work out what career path to take. I took up painting landscapes again and have been painting since then, displaying my original work, prints and greetings cards in a couple of local Sussex art galleries. 

I am self taught, and have developed a detailed style, with which I aim to create an element of depth and photo-realism in my paintings. I have always loved the Downs, their shape, and the scenes they create. Lots of my paintings feature chalk paths, or the distinctive scarp slopes of the Downs that I am so familiar with, and I love showing how these scenes change with the seasons. 

Wildflowers on the Downs are a favourite to paint, and I use them as an opportunity to decorate a piece with bright and vivid colours. I have always adored the Seven Sisters, having grew up just down the road in Seaford, and these stunning chalk cliffs have become a focal point in my work over the last couple of years. I love portraying an ever changing yet instantly recognisable and iconic view that everyone is familiar with, that can be painted in a thousand different ways through the tides and seasons. I'm also continually inspired by the places I have visited, especially Scotland, though also some further afield landscapes in Europe.